Once again...
We have shown once again who is the true master of blackrock mountain. Not to mention we put down Ony in the process.

Nefarian has been defeated!

[ 07 Mar 2011 | by Shervon | 0 comments ]

Cho'gall is dead! Dead dead dead really!
The hamer of twilight ripped from his hands, the corruption cured and the elementals under control!

Cho'gall bites the dust!

[ 07 Mar 2011 | by Shervon | 0 comments ]

No more Twilight anymore!
The twilight counsil has been taken down! (A while ago... but I am slacking in updating news.

Here the picture!

[ 07 Mar 2011 | by Shervon | 0 comments ]

New week new kills!
Last week has caused Nefarian quite an headache! Goldenhunters came and took down 2 more bosses in Blackwings Descent!

On thursday it was Chimearon!

And on wednesday Atramedes got taken down.

Nef your time is coming up... again!
[ 30 Jan 2011 | by Shervon | 0 comments ]

Valiona and Theralion go down together!
This evening another pair of evil dragons got taken down by the raiding forces of Golden Hunters! May their epics be put to good use!

Some proof!

Up to the council and others!
[ 20 Jan 2011 | by Shervon | 0 comments ]

Cataclysmic update!
Finally an update about our progress in cataclysm! I will go in reverse order to keep the pictures right! So from last to our first kill are here...

The council of winds!

And Before that we had... Maloriak!

We dipped into Bastion for a bit and we deaded... Halfus!

And the ones we killed first are Magmaw...

And we started with the Trons! Starring Zaptron, Firetron, Poisonotron and Facerollotron.

Voila! I try to update the news more regular from now on! Game on!
[ 17 Jan 2011 | by Shervon | 0 comments ]

GH heat up the Frozen Throne! 25 player LK goes down.
After much wiping, reapairs, general nashing of teeth, lag, Shervon signing, and a thousand other minor tortures, the Albino plate wearing nutter finally bit the big one! Congrats to all involved and any who's effort got us to this stage. And finally, Hard Mode's becon!

[ 19 May 2010 | by Ragnar | 0 comments ]

GH commits regicide!
The King is dead...long live GH!

We don't usually post new for 10 man kills but we felt Tuesday night warranted some special mention. In a single night both the regular 10 man ICC groups managed to kill the Lich King for the first time! Grats one and all, a very well earned feeling of satisfaction all around.

The screenshot is from Caranthir's 10 man who managed to down him slightly before Dynamos's group on the night.

Next up: Heroics!
[ 10 Mar 2010 | by Ragnar | 0 comments ]

GH makes Blood Queen bleeeeeed!
After many false starts with this fight, where we suffered from set backs with lag, lower signups and bad class balance, GH finally downed the little so-and-so last night. It was a well deserved kill that was some time in coming. Grats everyone involved and on to the last 2 bosses in ICC!

[ 02 Mar 2010 | by Ragnar | 0 comments ]

Valithria Dreamwalker overhealed!
Golden Hunter's 'downed' this unique boss after a couple of 97% wipes on Sunday night. Grats to those who got loot and well done the healers for adjusting to the new mechanic!

[ 09 Feb 2010 | by Ragnar | 0 comments ]

Goood news everyone! Putricide gets put down!
After a few false starts we managed to get a good run at the mad bat and finally down him. Congrats to all involved, a well earned kill, and could it happen any other time then when we had no time left for another try at the end of the night? Of course not! This is GH afterall...

[ 25 Jan 2010 | by Ragnar | 0 comments ]

GH began bleeding the new wing of ICC dry last night by killing its first boss: The Blood princes. Some nice new mechanics but all in all a fairly easy start. Still no 'goood news' on the Putricide front, but as soon as he stops using his lag potions you will see a new update here!

[ 22 Jan 2010 | by Ragnar | 0 comments ]

Noooo! You killed my Festergut and Rotface!
Professor Putricides' Pets have been put down by GH! First came Rotface who went down on the first night of the new content. He was tough but in true GH style we took him down right at the end of the night of raiding :)

The second handsome fellow was Festergut, who gave us more trouble. On the second night of tries we took him down after some very vexing lag. Good news everyone! The professor is next!

[ 11 Jan 2010 | by Ragnar | 0 comments ]

GH face the Mild Displeasure of the Lich King!
Our Journey into Ice Crown Citadel began in earnest on the laggy waves of the recent 3.3 patch, and after allot of laughs (mainly involving people deciding to do a Rocket man impression with their shiny new jetpack) we defeated the 1st wing of the Lich Kings home pad.

Below is the role call of kills. Well done all, now bring on the next wing!
[ 17 Dec 2009 | by Ragnar | 0 comments ]

GH Adventures in Ice Crown: Deathbringer Saurfang brought Death.
Golden Hunters Saurfang kill
[ 17 Dec 2009 | by Ragnar | 0 comments ]

GH Adventures in Ice Crown: Gunship Battle won.
Golden Hunters sink Gunship
[ 17 Dec 2009 | by Ragnar | 0 comments ]

GH Adventures in Ice Crown: Lady Deathwhisper down
Golden Hunters silence DeathWhisper
[ 17 Dec 2009 | by Ragnar | 0 comments ]

GH Adventures in Ice Crown: Lord Marrowgar Deaded.
Golden Hunters Marowgart kill
[ 17 Dec 2009 | by Ragnar | 0 comments ]

No News is Good News.
As usual it's been a while since the last update but that's not to say we haven't been busy! After a short period where raiding was reduced due to lower attendance a recent injection of new GH blood has seen us back to usual raiding form again.

There will be further updates to bring us back up to date with what the guild have been up to lately, but for now content yourself with this news on the bleeding edge of GH progress with our latest kill: 25 man Heroic Faction Champions!

[ 13 Oct 2009 | by Ragnar | 0 comments ]

And here we go again, GH adventures in Ulduar!
It’s been a while since the last news update, and GH has been filling the time between with our exploits into World of Warcrafts’ new shiny instance: Ulduar. We have had quite a journey in Ulduar so far and it’s been an enjoyable challenge, but in true GH style (that is, while singing on TS and managing only to kill hard boss’s in the last 5 mins of the night) we have cleared a great deal of it in both 10 and 25 man! Below are some brief visual highlights of our Journey so far:

The first night of Ulduar was exiting, and we managed to kill Flame Leviathan just before the world exploded! That is, the dreaded first night lag started to kick in.

Golden Hunters vs Flame leviathan

We carried on from this point through some of the minor bosses, and after a short time managed to clear XT-002 Deconstructor to finish the Siege of Ulduar wing.

Golden Hunters Vs XT-002

This left us with the Antechamber of Ulduar wing and the 3 bosses within. We managed to clear this section in very short order thankfully keeping our momentum from the start.

Golden Hunters Vs Kologarn

This brought us to some of the first major challenges the instance offered: The Keepers. While they initially gave some bother, all but Mimiron were downed with only a few tears shed. Mimiron posed a much enjoyable challenge for us but after a few nights was eventually dissassembled. A very interesting and rewarding encounter.

Golden Hunters Vs Mimiron

The end was now in sight, but first General Vesax stood in the way, not for long though! After a short learning curve he went the way of the wood elf.

Golden Hunters Vs General Vezaxz

This brings us to present day and Mr. Minty Fresh himself, Yogg-Saron! We managed to kill him with only 10 people! The downside was this was in the 10 man instance. But still:

Golden Hunters vs Yogg-Saron

Of note is the fact we did this 10 man kill with TWO different groups in a single night! Grats to everyone involved.

Keep tuned for more progress soon. Next up; hard modes, pie, Algalon, cake and achievements.

[ 15 May 2009 | by Ragnar | 0 comments ]

We have been busy!
Those who watch the home page of late may have thought that good old Golden Hunters was slacking in the new expansion, but they would be wrong! After alot of runing around, shouting, singing on TS, pie, general merryment and crying, GH has cleared all raiding content in the WOTLK expansion!

The clearing ended tonight with Malygos on heroic. Grats to those who got loot and Aeon for wasting an oportunity to complete the quest for the necklace.

Malygos 25 Men kill screenshot

This kill brings us to the end of all the content in WOTLK, both 10 and 25 man. The Journey has lead us from lowly 10 man Naxx (which we now clear in a night, even when we have to bring along Shervon....) through Vault of Archavon and even The Obsidian Sanctum which we have so far cleared with 1 drake up on heroic.

Achievements are on the menu next, and whatever the heck Blizzard can throw at us!
[ 14 Dec 2008 | by Ragnar | 0 comments ]

About time! Really it was...
Ok Finally we got a group going again and with results!

Golden Hunters Kalecgos Kill

Demon defeated Kalecgos saved. Lewt was a pair of leggings for Chibi, and bracers for Burni, icy and Avonda! Congratulations people!
[ 09 Sep 2008 | by Shervon | 0 comments ]

Illidan has been defeated!
As the title says we have kicked illidans behind!


Golden Hunters Illidan Kill

Loot was very very nice...

Warglaive to Bokker! (offhand)
Healing mace to yours truely.
The bow to our lama.
And chests for Fache, Muptar, Burninator!
[ 27 May 2008 | by Shervon | 14 comments ]

Council got schooled
This is what I call a temporary 'cover-my-ass' post. The council has gone down last monday and yours truly wasn't there. Yours truly was forced to make a news post about it though. So here we are. Shiney hm? I will add a screenshot and loot the moment I get time to do it.

For now, Illidan 35%!
[ 21 May 2008 | by Grimbur | 4 comments ]

Breaking news: Shahraz not enough arms!

[Leggings of Devastation] - Dynamos
[Pauldrons of the Forgotten Protector] - Ragnar
[Pauldrons of the Forgotten Conqueror] - Caranthir
[Pauldrons of the Forgotten Vanquisher] - Burninator
[ 22 Apr 2008 | by Grimbur | 2 comments ]

Essence of GH beats Reliquary

[Boneweave Girdle] - [Disenchanted]
[Naaru-Blessed Life Rod] - Iustua
[ 22 Apr 2008 | by Grimbur | 0 comments ]

One night: Mount Hyjal
Just a quick update post. Yesterday we cleared Mount Hyjal in one night, with time to spare. Everything was one shotted and Archimonde took four tries. This means we have three of our four raiding days left for Black Temple and we are confident the Reliquary of Souls will bite the dust this week!
[ 17 Apr 2008 | by Grimbur | 8 comments ]

Breaking news: Dynamos boils Bloodboil
After Bloodboil ate 24 people, with only Dynamos left standing, we beat Gurtogg Bloodboil on our third attempt of the evening.

[Shroud of Forgiveness] - Avonda
[Garments of Temperance] - Grimbur
[ 08 Apr 2008 | by Grimbur | 3 comments ]

GH safe Night Elves, Worldtree has no comment

[Apostle of Argus] - Grimbur
[Bristleblitz Striker] - Squigmaster
[Helm of the Conqueror] - Dynamos
[Helm of the Conqueror] - Aeonsky
[Helm of the Vanquisher] - Bokker
[ 03 Apr 2008 | by Grimbur | 0 comments ]

Teron Lootfiend (Read: We are so good)

[Insidious Bands] - Bokker
[Botanist's Gloves of Growth] - Bloodhobbes
[ 04 Mar 2008 | by Grimbur | 2 comments ]

Akama, meet the new Akama

[Spiritwalker Gauntlets] - Senior
[Myrmidon's Treads] - Ragnar
[ 29 Feb 2008 | by Grimbur | 4 comments ]

Supremus + GH = Bad loot

[Felstone Bulwark] - Troscadin
[Waistwrap of Infinity] - ((Disenchanted))
[Pattern: Shoulders of Lightning Reflexes] - Troscadin
[ 28 Feb 2008 | by Grimbur | 1 comments ]

Naj'entus at his entus

[Helm of Soothing Currents] - Shervon
[Mantle of Darkness] - Greenpain
[ 19 Feb 2008 | by Grimbur | 5 comments ]

Headlines: Azgalor not so... Lor?

[Girdle of Hope] - Troscadin
[Gloves of the Forgotten Vanquisher] - Bokker
[Gloves of the Forgotten Conqueror] - Grimbur
[ 19 Feb 2008 | by Grimbur | 3 comments ]

Kaz'rogal to finish it off

[Kaz'rogal's Hardened Heart] - Ragnar
[Leggings of Channeled Elements] - Ameldazar
[Design: Shifting Shadowsong Amethyst] - Caranthir
[ 12 Feb 2008 | by Grimbur | 2 comments ]

Missing: Anetheron

[Don Alejandro's Money Belt] - Unforgiven
[Anetheron's Noose] - Burninator
[ 12 Feb 2008 | by Grimbur | 0 comments ]

This just in: Winterchill not so chill

[Cuffs of Devastation] - Iothaar
[Deadly Cuffs] - (Disenchanted)
[ 11 Feb 2008 | by Grimbur | 2 comments ]

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